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The Golden Collection by Jim Swallow

  All the images in these collections can be made into sizes up to 40 x72 inches. The will add a golden quality to any room.
The Golden Collection Artists Statement:

  After years of searching for a new approach to my photographic art, I discovered a technique by a watercolorist which would give my work a shimmering quality. Once I learned the proper combination of paper, paint and ink, I created The Golden Collection using images of trees and flowers with a strong emphasis on light and shadow.
  What I love about this collection is the warmth of the gold appearance along with a touch of iridescence. “The interpretation of fine art begins with you” is a statement that has been with me for over 30 years. It feels even more apropos today as I passionately create my new body of work to share with you.

Call Jim to order your images today. Special pricing is available for multilpe image orders. The Palm Tree Series all look good in Panels of 3 or a 9 piece panel will look great over the sofa. Sizes can vary according to your needs
The Gold Collection is a body of work created using gold paint over textured paper and printed using the latest giclee printing techniques. The Iridescent gold paint gives photographs a unique quality and they are each one of a kind as the brush strokes are different for each Image and give the photographs a painterly quality. This collection is limited edition and no more than 75 prints will be created.The metallic gold paint gives each image a shimmer that can be seen at every angle. This technique is only used by a small number of artists in the US. The images are achival to over 175 years.

The Palm Tree Gold series of images are all found in Florida. The unique tree is a Pinyon Pine found at the edge of the
Grand Canyon and all the other Pine, Live Oak, Maple and others were all found in various parts of florida. Tulips on the Table will be on display at the LeMoyne Art Center in Tallahassee for the Florida Artsits Group show In June of 2013.

Art Festivals For 2013 and 2014 2013

September        5th Ave Art Gallery- 100 Percent Pure Florida Show Melbourne FL 2013
Sept. 21-22       Leepa Rattner Museum Artists Market, Tarpon Springs, FL 2013
October 11-13   Stowe Fall Foliage Art Festival, Stowe VT 2013
October 25-26   Ocala Art Festival, Ocala FL
Nov 16 -17        Estero Fine Art Festival, Estero FL
Nov 30 - Dec 1  Delray Thanksgiving Weekend Art Festival, Delray Beach FL