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The Golden Flowers Collection

The Golden Flowers Collection are images of wonderful flowers that I have found on my journey's to many locations all around the US.. Tulips On The Table was found in Saint Augustine,Sunflower series were found in Vermont, The yellow flowers against the wall was in upstate NY and my favorite was the Cactus Gold that was in my backyard. More flowers will be coming soon. Call me at the number above to talk about your decor needs anytime.

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The Golden Flowers Collection Photographs by Jim Swallow

Some work will be found on Fine Art America very soon. Click below to go to site

The Gold Collection is a body of work created using gold paint over textured paper and printed using the latest giclee printing techniques. The Iridescent gold paint gives photographs a unique quality and they are each one of a kind as the brush strokes are different for each Image and give the photographs a painterly quality. This collection is limited edition and no more than 75 prints will be created.The metallic gold paint gives each image a shimmer that can be seen at every angle. This technique is only used by a small number of artists in the US. The images are achival to over 175 years.