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Ohio Collection

Ohio 2011 Series Photographs by Jim Swallow

The Ohio Collection is a body of work created in 2011 while on a trip with my friend Dave Reed. The images of are a variety of subjects around Ohio with an emphasis in the Hocking HIlls State Park area of Ohio

Jim Swallow is a professional photographer and educator in the Tampa Bay area. Jim is also the leader of the Photographic Art Society. He has been a photographer for 40 years creating images of a variety of subjects always looking for the creative image from within. Each year Jim creates a new body of work on a different subject. Changing subjects each year does not always mean that the subject ends it just means that he is adding to his library of creative images.

All the photography on the site is for sale and can be made in a variety of sizes for your decor needs. Fine art photography is valuable addition to your home decor or office. In the office environment you are able to escape to a different world during the day or your guests in the waiting room can forget about themselves for a few moments.