Day 52 Time to thank the Lord for a safe journey

On our last day of our journey we went to Calvary Chapel in Fort Lauderdale before we headed West to go home.  This Sunday was a guest speaker Pastor James MacDonald. Pastor MacDonald had an awesome message and it was the perfect way to end our journey across America.
Our long journey was made possible by the grace of God and the prayers of many to keep us safe.
We visited  six Calvary Chapel’s  around the country and met wonderful people including some great pastors who are leading their flocks closer to the Lord. We visited Calvary Chapel in Las Cruces  New Mexico, Teton Valley in Idaho, Souix Falls South Dakato, Metro DC in Virginia, Harvest Chapel in Travelers Rest South Carolina and in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

We thank you Lord for being with us on our journey each and every day.
God Bless all of you and may the Lord be with you on your own personal journey’s


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